High-pressure jet & stud welding

Machine Revisions

For machine revisions we mainly use abrasive glass bead or dust-free blasting.

Abrasive glass bead blasting

By using this technique the higher material costs can be compensated to great extend by less labor and reduced stand-still times. Furthermore the closed circuit system automatically recycled the blast media which can be re-used up to three times. Due to the shape of the glass beads and the low air pressure applied, abrasive glass bead dry blasting is easy on surfaces. Glass bead abrasive blasting complies with Safety Norm TrgA 503. Applied on high-grade-steel, abrasive glass bead blasting makes grinding and polishing of the surface superfluous.

Abrasive dustfree blasting

Abrasive dustfree blasting is suitable for tubes, turbines, turbine parts, welds and numerous other workpieces. Abrasive dust-free blasting makes pickling, grinding and polishing superfluous saving a lot of time and money for the customer. In the suction fed versions the used blast media is recycled, drawn to the nozzle within a special gun assembly and used again.