High-pressure jet & stud welding

Boiler Revisions

Different types of hard deposits develop in a furnace. Those having an important influence on the performance of the furnace.
Under certain circumstances it could even result in a stand-still. Since a stand-still is costly furnaces need regular cleaning. To minimize stand-still costs customers want competent and reliable single source partners that take a job from start to finish in a timely and efficient manner.

Regular process flow:

Pre-cleaning, Removal of linings and castables

One of the things that should be done by experienced specialists, is the pre-cleaning. The prelimimary cleaning removes the slag and other linings from the heating surface. Slag forms in the furnace because the temperatures are so high that the ashes start to melt. During the cooling of the flue-gases linings start to form on the heating surfaces that get thicker and thicker until the thermal transfer is reduced. Therefore the heating surfaces need to be cleaned at regular intervals. The hard and glass-like slag is very hard to remove and needs an expert handling.
Excavation works
Among other things masonry, concrete and tiling are excavated with the help of jackhammers.

Abrasive blasting: granules/dust free

Dust-Free-Blasting is used in boiler revisions to sand-blast sensitive parts like pipe bends, fittings and welding seams for TÜV and residual term inspections.
Granules/Grit Blasting:
Granules or grit-blasting is commonly used to blast out ramming mass, fluid concrete, casting compound and leftovers of mortar. During blasting operations we turn to the method of abrasive blasting with granules to generate measure and separation strips on smooth-bore tubes. All blasting agents we use are environmentally friendly and nonhazardous in respect of silicosis.

Stud removal, grinding, stud welding

Stud welding:
As it becomes evident from our logo another core competence besides the high pressure blasting ist he stud welding. We take care of all repair or original stud welding inside and outside of boiler plants. This also includes all preparatory work like stud removal and grinding. The use of innovative and efficient hand welding machines guarantees a swift and precise job handling. Our work is exercised by specialists with valid welding certificates according to DGR 97/23/EGAD2000. The welding certificate is issued by the TÜV after a successful test.